Are you recruiting for a key position, confronted with a pile of impressive CVs… aware that it’s your responsibility to somehow assess if the candidates are indeed as qualified as they claim?

A thorough verification process could take months, delaying the recruitment process and affecting business continuity. However, the media is full of scandals of senior appointments with falsified qualifications. If it happens at the level of executives, academics and public figures, you can be certain it is happening in every recruitment context. Can you afford the business and reputational risk?

Or are you evaluating the risk profile of a loan applicant who, on paper, meets all the educational and professional requirements, but you have no way to verify this?

Whether you’re recruiting or lending, verification of qualifications is essential. But delays can be costly and mistakes costlier still.

The solution is PURQ, an innovative technology solution that allows you to verify academic qualifications and enrolment data quickly, seamlessly, and online. PURQ is a state of the art, leading service provider that is wholly owned by PURCO SA, which is a non-profit organisation that is owned by all South African and Namibian institutes of higher learning. So in effect you’re getting verified data directly from the universities and colleges themselves.

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PURQ has built an extensive database of qualification and enrolment data from major universities and colleges in Southern Africa (including University of Kwazulu-Natal, University of Pretoria, University of Johannesburg, University of Free State, North-West University, Nelson Mandela University and 13 others).

Businesses as well as alumni, students and university staff registered with PURQ can access the automated authentication system for real-time qualification and student enrolment verifications. Some qualifications (in particular short courses) are not electronically available from academic institutions so PURQ has developed a seamless online solution that allows you to verify those qualifications as well. Candidate verification is easily completed by ID or student number, and users can request single as well as batch reports. The service is currently being expanded to include Matric certificate and professional body verifications, as well as the qualification and enrolment data of students at Universities across southern Africa.

Commercial buyers can access the same services and customised management user reports are available without any charge. The organisations that use PURQ include Government departments, background screening companies, recruitment companies, banks and lenders, HR departments, foreign companies and bursary providers.

All users are able to benefit from quick turn-around times for verifications, the convenience of an integrated e-Commerce platform where all payments and invoice documentation are system managed, as well as peace of mind knowing that all PURQ products and services are fully compliant with the POPI Act.

PURQ is the only company in South Africa that offers enrolment verification services, and is a global leader in qualification and enrolment database management. The PURQ database is currently used by more than 25,000 users in South Africa, and more than 1000 South African companies. PURQ is a market leader for qualification verifications done in South Africa. The PURQ database contains more than 3m qualifications, and almost 1.5m enrolments, and is continually updated by the universities to offer the latest available qualification and enrolment data.

PURQ’s web-based verification solution is the secure way to complete thorough academic background checks without delays, enabling registered users to get accurate, trustworthy qualification and enrolment checks in the shortest possible time, with accurate electronic transfer of information and the highest security and confidentiality.