PURQ has built an extensive centralised database of higher education qualification and enrolment data. We offer access to the data through an automated authentication system for PURQ registered graduates/students and university staff users. Commercial buyers receive access after a proper authentication process within 24 hours of registration.

PURQ’s technology platform provides real-time qualification and student enrolment verifications. Certain qualifications (in particular short courses) are not electronically available from academic institutions and an online seamless request processing solution has been developed to resolve such enquiries electronically. The result ensures quick turn-around times for qualifications that are verified.

The PURQ system has an integrated e-Commerce platform and all payments and invoice documentation are system managed. All actions of registered users are tracked, logged, and backed-up every 60 minutes.

Qualification verification is conducted by ID number or student number and single as well as batch requests can be done. Customised management user reports for commercial users are available without any charges.

Users of PURQ products and services are:

  • Banks – qualification verifications
  • Government departments – employment/qualification verifications
  • Background screening companies – employment/qualification verifications
  • Recruitment companies– employment/qualification verifications
  • HR departments of corporates – employment/qualification verifications
  • Foreign companies – employment screening
  • Bursary providers – study loan for student status verifications
  • Banks – study loans for student status verifications