PURQ makes business sense for universities. It is a readily accessible outsourced service that delivers immediate administrative cost savings and financial returns for higher education institutions.

PURQ is the most effective way to extend secure, auditable POPI-compliant access to your student enrolment and qualification data, without relinquishing ownership and control to third parties. Since PURQ is owned by PURCO SA, a non-profit company established to add value to its members in the higher education sector itself you ensure that income accruing from academic verification processes remains in the education ecosystem, and in your hands.

In addition to the financial benefits of becoming a PURQ subscriber, PURQ offers benefits to all your stakeholders:

  • For your administration staff, committing to PURQ is an efficient way to minimise the burden of having to manually issue academic transcripts and enrolment reports.
  • For your academic colleagues, PURQ offers real time, automated verification of qualification claims during the student application and enrolment process.
  • For your IT department and auditors, PURQ provides stringent data security, integrity and auditable compliance.
  • For your student body, PURQ provides easy access to their academic records wherever they are in the world, as well as the comfort of knowing their records are securely managed. PURQ is only available to authenticated enquirers, so the confidentiality of students' personal academic records is secured. PURQ also offers students and alumni a Report Tracker tool so that they can track and verify who is searching their academic achievements.