PURQ is a wholly owned subsidiary of PURCO SA

PURQ is not a background screening company but a source of academic data to the financial sector for credit profiling to create economic value for graduates. A typical function of a background screening company is to perform credit checks, criminal checks, ID verification etc. for employment screening purposes.

Yes PURQ is POPIA Compliant, information available on demand and as per slide 8

PURQ uses international best practice security protocols in safeguarding valuable academic data, in strict compliance based on the requirements from the financial sector. There were no data breaches since inception date of 2008.

Consent management is a closed loop process. The graduate provides consent at the credit application stage (transaction stage) at the Bank before the request is sent to PURQ. As a second layer of consent, the graduate signs the T&C’s at the time of opening the account.

The current PURQ Board consist Dr Retief (Registrar SUN) ;Mr Ntsababa (Registrar –UFS) and Mr Liebenberg (CFO –UFS).


To keep the ownership of the valuable academic data (asset of Universities) within a University owned company.

PURQ currently hosts 75% of the graduate academic information.

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