PURQ is a leading provider of qualification and enrolment data in South Africa, offering a state of the art online solution.

PURQ (Pty) Ltd was established in 2008 and commenced formal trading in 2010. PURQ’s focus is on a range of products for academic institutions, students, alumni, background screening companies, credit bureaus, and banks. Our products and services focus primarily on providing access to academic qualification and enrolment data. We are POPI Act compliant and we strive to help our clients and academic institutions manage risk, create value and achieve savings through professional service and quick turn-around times. The institutions who entrust us with their student data also benefit from the revenue generated from our qualification verification services.

PURQ has built up an excellent reputation delivering enrolment and qualification verification solutions and providing access to academic records via our electronic platform. Our record of accomplishment in delivering projects successfully to Government and private sector has made us a company of choice when considering projects within our field of expertise.

PURQ is web based and our web services solutions ensure accurate electronic transfer of information with the highest security and confidentiality. Our online platform is secure and fully compliant with the POPI Act as well as banking IT system security protocols. The platform is fully auditable by our participating academic institutions.